Direct-Response Copywriters Do NOT Go To Hogwarts

May 7, 2017

However abundant I adulation Harry Potter, I accept to acquaint you this:

I did not go to Hogwarts.

And, as far as I’m aware, neither has any added direct-response copywriter on the planet. (Although as a “muggle”, I assumption I wouldn’t know, would I?)

Anyway, you’re apparently thinking, “Tom, why on apple are you adage this? What’s this got to do with copywriting? I don’t see the link… “

Well, my adolescent muggle friend, let me be your Professor today and explain:

See, so abounding entrepreneurs and internet marketers anticipate that us copywriters can brightness a turd. In added words, they anticipate we’re able of axis a debris action that cipher wants into a big fat pay day.

Sorry to accompany bad news, but we can’t.


Because there are assertive things that, if it comes to affairs your articles and services, are far added important than your copy. (Which, by the way, is why I see myself as a business architect who specializes in autograph copy, as against to just getting a copywriter.)

So, what are these “far added important” things than your copy?

Well, there’s two.

First, there’s your offer.

See, if you haven’t got an action which gets humans bubbles at the aperture if they apprehend about it, again the aboriginal affair you charge to do is accomplish abiding you change the offer. At the actual least, you charge to abuse it so it’s added attractive.

How do you do this?

You could…

* Add in bonuses

* Action a arrangement price

* Improve your artefact or account so humans get greater allowances from application it

Or even…

* Admit to yourself that your accepted action is about as adorable as a pig, and change your absolute offer


Copywriters aren’t wizards.

We can’t accomplish your affairs anticipate your action is amazing if it’s not.

And, talking of prospects, now’s the absolute time to acquaint you about the additional affair that’s far added important than your copy…

Here’s the truth:

You could accept a abundant action in place…

You could appoint a capital copywriter…

But if you’re putting that action in foreground of a account of humans who accept no absorption in it, again it’s not gonna sell.


For example, you could accept the best “How To Affiliate Like A Pro” chiral in the world. It could be cool slick. Full of easy-step-by-step instructions and a DVD as a bonus. And heck, you could be alms this for just $7.

Now, a woman in her 70s ability be jumping with blitheness at this offer.

She’s conceivably knitted all her activity as a hobby, but has consistently acquainted her plan hasn’t been amazing. And back she’s a bit apathetic these days, she’d adulation spending time demography her knitting abilities to the next level, so she can accomplish bigger clothes for her adolescent grandkids.

Yet if you put this aforementioned action in foreground of a mum in her aboriginal 30s, you’re not gonna get abundant of a response. Most mums in their 30s don’t tend to knit. So it would be brainless to put this action in foreground of them.

Luckily nowadays, it’s not that harder to accomplish abiding you’re targeting the appropriate list. Facebook ads accomplish this appealing abuse simple, for instance.

But still, you consistently charge to be acquainted of who you’re putting your action in foreground of.

Anyway, as you see, these are both things that are added important than your copy.

And unless you appoint Harry Potter to address for you, again there’s annihilation you can do to affected a shitty action that’s put in foreground of the amiss list.


(And it’s a big “however”… )

When you do accept these two things in place, that’s if a abundant copywriter can accomplish you money…

Lots and lots of money.


A abundant copywriter can about-face you’re already-good action into an action that’s sexier than Scarlett Johansson.

Anyway, I did say “great” copywriter on purpose.

If you appoint a bargain copywriter again you’re added than acceptable gonna get “cheap” results.

So if you haven’t got the money to absorb on a abundant one, again you’re bigger off acquirements how to address archetype yourself.

But, if you accept five-figures additional to absorb on a copywriter, accouterment you accept a adult action in abode and you’re targeting a acceptant list, again that is area you can accomplish big money…

Big, big money.

Direct Response Copywriting Tips From The Dating World

April 7, 2017

Face it.

When it comes to dating, looks matter.

Or, at least, how you present yourself matters.

If anyone doesn’t acquisition you adorable to attending at, nine times outta ten, they’re never gonna go out with you.

Blunt? Yes.

But truthful? Absolutely.

And here’s the thing…

When it comes to your sales copy, or any archetype for that matter, it’s the aforementioned principle.

You see, if it comes to autograph high-converting copy, your aboriginal assignment is this:

Make abiding your ideal anticipation reads it.

That’s it.

After all, if they don’t apprehend it, they’re not gonna buy from you. Just like it doesn’t amount how abundant your personality is, if anyone doesn’t acquisition you attractive, they’re not gonna go out with you.

How To Get Added Humans Reading Your Copy

I get it.

You’re apparently worried. You’re thinking, “How on apple do I accomplish abiding my ideal affairs apprehend my copy?”

It’s a acceptable question. And there’s a brace of things you charge to do.

1. Address A Abundant Headline


I could absorb hours traveling over sales headlines. They’re vital.

But, because I’ve accounting added posts assuming you how to address abundant sales letter headlines, I’m not gonna awning it in abundant detail here.

Though I will say this:

You accept to apperceive your market.

You accept to apperceive what problems they’re facing. You accept to apperceive their affliction points. You accept to apperceive what drives them.

If you do, afresh autograph account isn’t difficult.

Though if you don’t?

Then your headline’s apparently gonna suck.

Moving on.

2. Accomplish Your Archetype Easy-On-The-Eye

Here’s area the dating allegory comes into play.

If your archetype isn’t “attractive” to attending at, afresh humans aren’t gonna apprehend it.

And why should they? They’re busy. In their minds, they accept far added important things to do with their time.

Plus there’s so abounding distractions around; Facebook, Google, smartphones, t.v, you name it.

Distractions everywhere.

And if humans yield one attending at your archetype and think, “that looks harder to read,” afresh I’ve got account for ya:

They’re not gonna apprehend it.


Why Humans Ignore Abundant Copy

“But my copy’s AMAZING!” I apprehend you cry.

“And it’s something that will absolutely account my prospects. Surely they will apprehend it even if it isn’t ambrosial on the eye, will not they?”

Let me be straight:

No they won’t.

Remember, in the dating world, someone’s gotta acquisition you adorable to attending at afore annihilation abroad matters.

Sure, personality comes into play. Heck, in the continued run, it’s way added important than looks. But humans adjudicator looks first.

Anyway, you charge to see your accounting words as the “personality” allotment of your copy. They’re basic – but alone afterwards humans accept advised the “look” of your copy, first.

So how do you accomplish your sales archetype attending appealing?

First, if autograph online, use page margins. Don’t let your archetype ample the accomplished screen.

White amplitude is attractive. It makes things simple to attending at. And you’ll get added readership.

Second, afresh if autograph online, use abbreviate paragraphs. 1-3 sentences. Like this one.

And the third affair you can do?

Use Sub-Headings


Couple of reasons.

The aboriginal is from a authentic “looks” stand-point. It helps actualize added white space. And it makes things easier to read.

However, there’s in fact addition acumen you wish to use sub-heads in your copy. And if you’re not already accomplishing so, this is gonna be a game-changer.


Good. You should be.

Anyway, a lot of humans will not in fact apprehend your archetype word-for-word. Instead, they brush it. They wish to get to the capital point to accomplish abiding your bulletin is accordant to them.

And that’s a problem.

Why? Because you wish your affairs to absorb every endure chat of your copy, in the aforementioned way a Monk would the Bible.

But abhorrence not, ye squire.

There is a way about this. And it’s area sub-heads appear into play.

See, you charge your sub-heads to sum up the adventure you are aggravating to acquaint the reader, because if humans brush through your copy, they’ll apprehend the sub-heads.

Then, if they like what they see, they’ll acceptable go aback and apprehend the accomplished thing.

Meaning you can get your accomplished sales bulletin beyond in all its glory.

But if your sub-heads don’t sum up your story, afresh your clairvoyant will not accept any absolute abstraction as to what you’re selling, how it works, and why he should buy it.

And they’ll just bang the “x” at the top of the page. Goodbye abeyant customer.

4 Content Marketing “Balancing Acts” So You Can Have It All

March 7, 2017

If you wish to use your agreeable to ability a bigger audience, accomplish leads and catechumen clients, and you don’t wish to complete like a formulaic clammy internet marketer… accept up.

To start, don’t activity the “rules.”

You’ve gotta apprentice them afore you breach them.

I don’t beggarly the apparent how-tos: the “trained monkey” level, the asinine accomplishing that churns out regurgitated archetype that makes humans arise slimy.

I’m apropos to the basal affidavit abaft those “tactics” that acquaint your decisions.

The attempt that adviser these rules are sound. The perceived brake comes from the “codification” of these rules, the concoction as a aftereffect of bookish laziness, and the acumen that if you don’t paint-by-number you’re busted (thanks to a accomplished lot of regurgitated sales copy.)

Content business is generally a acclimation act of discernment.

Discern what’s bare at the specific date of your business, what’s in alignment with your message, and what’s allusive for you and your audience.

Challenge the abounding rules that accomplish it complete like we accept to cede how we absolutely wish to communicate, just so we can analysis some approximate metrics off the list.

What’s the point of accepting your block if you can’t eat it too?

Here are 4 “80/20 rules” to advice you antithesis priorities that assume to argue anniversary added at aboriginal glance, and acquisition that added band at which either-or becomes both-and:

1. 80 Animal / 20 SEO

The ultimate ambition of publishing agreeable is to get it captivated by the appropriate admirers so they’ll yield the next footfall with you.

It’s no best abundant to use some SEO ambush to get humans to bang through if your agreeable is not admired and accordant for the ambition audience. In fact, they’ll leave your website bound and the low abide time will catchbasin your ranking.

First and foremost, address for animal beings, not Google. Remember, the ambition of agreeable business is to body assurance and accord with your admirers so they’ll eventually convert.

Yet… if you wish to get humans to apprehend your stuff, you DO charge to pay absorption to SEO so you put yourself in foreground of the appropriate audience.

That agency compassionate what drives SEO is important. Acceptable account is, as seek engines get smarter, agreeable that is relevant, admired and convenient (aka, advised for animal beings) ranks higher.

Relevant and admired content, crafted with an compassionate of how seek engines work, will accord you the best of both worlds.

2. 80 Communicative / 20 Authoritative

Your accent and articulation are the abstruse booze to accurate you relatable to your audience.

You wish your agreeable to body assurance and accord with your readers, so accepting communicative makes sense.

However, allotment of the assurance agency aswell comes from accession yourself as an authority.

That agency you charge to be affable and accurate at the aforementioned time.

It’s not as adverse or catchy as it sounds.

Credibility doesn’t appear from puffing up and application big words.

Authority stems from a attenuate and accustomed aplomb in your accent if you can clear what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. You can affect believability after puffing up to complete authoritative.

Your ascendancy comes from a abysmal akin of trust, not from application annealed accent or jargons.

You can aswell “borrow” ascendancy from trusted sources in your breadth of expertise. This can advice ballast your access in what your admirers already knows, as a starting point to yield them through your narrative.

You can footfall down from the basement and still be advised credible. You can body a dupe accord with your admirers by accepting communicative in your content.

Everyone is talking about architecture relationships with the audience, I wish to dig added – what’s your accord with your audience? How do you wish to chronicle to them? Who do you wish to be for them?

E.g. A big sister who’s a few accomplish advanced and consistently searching out for them? A affable aunt who’s consistently there with a nice cup of tea and a acceptable story? A adolescent warrior who’s in the trenches accessible to accord a hand?

This specific accord determines what blazon of “conversational” accent you’d administer to your content… instead of throwing about accidental slang.

You can’t be anyone you’re not, so map who you wish to be for your admirers to an admirers searching for that affectionate of accord in their adventure for transformation.

3. 80 Quality/ 20 Frequency

Without absolute resources, superior vs. abundance seems to be an assured trade-off.

The important affair is to acquisition your canal by establishing a accent that allows you to do acceptable plan while aswell consistently assuming up in foreground of your audience.

If you don’t aftermath acceptable superior agreeable that adds amount to the conversation, you will not be able to cut through the ataxia and authenticate your appliance to your audience.

At the aforementioned time, if you don’t appearance up consistently you aren’t architecture the all-important affiliation with your audience.

Most agreeable architect with a big admirers would acquaint you that assuming up consistently is one of the a lot of important things that accord to their success.

To add to that, I’d say assuming up consistently with allusive plan is critical.

“Showing up” agency accepting in foreground of your audience. There’s no point announcement an commodity a day if you don’t advance your agreeable to those you wish to reach.

Let’s change the chat from either-or to both-and.

You don’t accept to address a column a day, just don’t go a ages after creating any content. “Consistently” doesn’t accept to agree “annoyingly frequently.”

Instead of one characterless column a day, why not actualize one superior column a anniversary – one that you’d be appreciative to promote? Or even alpha with every two weeks?

Writing not your thing? Try video or audio.

You accept to acquisition your canal and hone your skills. Acquisition out what works for you and what works for your audience. Apparently they don’t wish to be account a 1,500-word commodity from you every individual day either;)

There’s no acting to in fact demography activity if you wish to get acceptable at it (think: Turning Pro, Tipping Point and the like.)

4. 80 Succinctness / 20 Chat Count

Your agreeable has to get the point through… after accurate your readers go about in circles.

There’s a aberration amid administration all-embracing agreeable and abacus amount to the conversation, against capacity your posts with words out of fears of not searching like an expert.

If you’re just coughing up words after abacus value, you’re crumbling your readers’ time and energy. Keep accomplishing that, and you’ll lose your admirers altogether.

Seth Godin publishes a cogent 200-word column every day, and every individual chat is gold.

On the added hand, a lot of of us apparently charge added runways to busy our POVs and different approaches.

Here’s a accepted aphorism of deride as a advertence point – online writing with chat calculation about 1,500 words tend to do able-bodied with SEO.

If it’s acceptable agreeable and visitors break on to apprehend your article, you account SEO believability for acceptable abide time – the continuance visitors break on your page to absorb the content.

When I address for clients, the candied atom is about about 1,000 – 1,500 words. It gives us the amplitude to set up the chat and allotment some all-embracing advice so my clients’ different perspectives appear through while still blunt abundant to be captivated quickly.

When you present advice that your admirers can’t get anywhere abroad – because it highlights your different access and speaks to their different worldview and affairs – it becomes a absorption of your acquaintance in the accountable amount because there’s no way to just “make things up” after accepting been accomplishing it for a while. This solidifies your believability and able positioning.