Direct-Response Copywriters Do NOT Go To Hogwarts

May 7, 2017

However abundant I adulation Harry Potter, I accept to acquaint you this:

I did not go to Hogwarts.

And, as far as I’m aware, neither has any added direct-response copywriter on the planet. (Although as a “muggle”, I assumption I wouldn’t know, would I?)

Anyway, you’re apparently thinking, “Tom, why on apple are you adage this? What’s this got to do with copywriting? I don’t see the link… “

Well, my adolescent muggle friend, let me be your Professor today and explain:

See, so abounding entrepreneurs and internet marketers anticipate that us copywriters can brightness a turd. In added words, they anticipate we’re able of axis a debris action that cipher wants into a big fat pay day.

Sorry to accompany bad news, but we can’t.


Because there are assertive things that, if it comes to affairs your articles and services, are far added important than your copy. (Which, by the way, is why I see myself as a business architect who specializes in autograph copy, as against to just getting a copywriter.)

So, what are these “far added important” things than your copy?

Well, there’s two.

First, there’s your offer.

See, if you haven’t got an action which gets humans bubbles at the aperture if they apprehend about it, again the aboriginal affair you charge to do is accomplish abiding you change the offer. At the actual least, you charge to abuse it so it’s added attractive.

How do you do this?

You could…

* Add in bonuses

* Action a arrangement price

* Improve your artefact or account so humans get greater allowances from application it

Or even…

* Admit to yourself that your accepted action is about as adorable as a pig, and change your absolute offer


Copywriters aren’t wizards.

We can’t accomplish your affairs anticipate your action is amazing if it’s not.

And, talking of prospects, now’s the absolute time to acquaint you about the additional affair that’s far added important than your copy…

Here’s the truth:

You could accept a abundant action in place…

You could appoint a capital copywriter…

But if you’re putting that action in foreground of a account of humans who accept no absorption in it, again it’s not gonna sell.


For example, you could accept the best “How To Affiliate Like A Pro” chiral in the world. It could be cool slick. Full of easy-step-by-step instructions and a DVD as a bonus. And heck, you could be alms this for just $7.

Now, a woman in her 70s ability be jumping with blitheness at this offer.

She’s conceivably knitted all her activity as a hobby, but has consistently acquainted her plan hasn’t been amazing. And back she’s a bit apathetic these days, she’d adulation spending time demography her knitting abilities to the next level, so she can accomplish bigger clothes for her adolescent grandkids.

Yet if you put this aforementioned action in foreground of a mum in her aboriginal 30s, you’re not gonna get abundant of a response. Most mums in their 30s don’t tend to knit. So it would be brainless to put this action in foreground of them.

Luckily nowadays, it’s not that harder to accomplish abiding you’re targeting the appropriate list. Facebook ads accomplish this appealing abuse simple, for instance.

But still, you consistently charge to be acquainted of who you’re putting your action in foreground of.

Anyway, as you see, these are both things that are added important than your copy.

And unless you appoint Harry Potter to address for you, again there’s annihilation you can do to affected a shitty action that’s put in foreground of the amiss list.


(And it’s a big “however”… )

When you do accept these two things in place, that’s if a abundant copywriter can accomplish you money…

Lots and lots of money.


A abundant copywriter can about-face you’re already-good action into an action that’s sexier than Scarlett Johansson.

Anyway, I did say “great” copywriter on purpose.

If you appoint a bargain copywriter again you’re added than acceptable gonna get “cheap” results.

So if you haven’t got the money to absorb on a abundant one, again you’re bigger off acquirements how to address archetype yourself.

But, if you accept five-figures additional to absorb on a copywriter, accouterment you accept a adult action in abode and you’re targeting a acceptant list, again that is area you can accomplish big money…

Big, big money.

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