Direct Response Copywriting Tips From The Dating World

April 7, 2017

Face it.

When it comes to dating, looks matter.

Or, at least, how you present yourself matters.

If anyone doesn’t acquisition you adorable to attending at, nine times outta ten, they’re never gonna go out with you.

Blunt? Yes.

But truthful? Absolutely.

And here’s the thing…

When it comes to your sales copy, or any archetype for that matter, it’s the aforementioned principle.

You see, if it comes to autograph high-converting copy, your aboriginal assignment is this:

Make abiding your ideal anticipation reads it.

That’s it.

After all, if they don’t apprehend it, they’re not gonna buy from you. Just like it doesn’t amount how abundant your personality is, if anyone doesn’t acquisition you attractive, they’re not gonna go out with you.

How To Get Added Humans Reading Your Copy

I get it.

You’re apparently worried. You’re thinking, “How on apple do I accomplish abiding my ideal affairs apprehend my copy?”

It’s a acceptable question. And there’s a brace of things you charge to do.

1. Address A Abundant Headline


I could absorb hours traveling over sales headlines. They’re vital.

But, because I’ve accounting added posts assuming you how to address abundant sales letter headlines, I’m not gonna awning it in abundant detail here.

Though I will say this:

You accept to apperceive your market.

You accept to apperceive what problems they’re facing. You accept to apperceive their affliction points. You accept to apperceive what drives them.

If you do, afresh autograph account isn’t difficult.

Though if you don’t?

Then your headline’s apparently gonna suck.

Moving on.

2. Accomplish Your Archetype Easy-On-The-Eye

Here’s area the dating allegory comes into play.

If your archetype isn’t “attractive” to attending at, afresh humans aren’t gonna apprehend it.

And why should they? They’re busy. In their minds, they accept far added important things to do with their time.

Plus there’s so abounding distractions around; Facebook, Google, smartphones, t.v, you name it.

Distractions everywhere.

And if humans yield one attending at your archetype and think, “that looks harder to read,” afresh I’ve got account for ya:

They’re not gonna apprehend it.


Why Humans Ignore Abundant Copy

“But my copy’s AMAZING!” I apprehend you cry.

“And it’s something that will absolutely account my prospects. Surely they will apprehend it even if it isn’t ambrosial on the eye, will not they?”

Let me be straight:

No they won’t.

Remember, in the dating world, someone’s gotta acquisition you adorable to attending at afore annihilation abroad matters.

Sure, personality comes into play. Heck, in the continued run, it’s way added important than looks. But humans adjudicator looks first.

Anyway, you charge to see your accounting words as the “personality” allotment of your copy. They’re basic – but alone afterwards humans accept advised the “look” of your copy, first.

So how do you accomplish your sales archetype attending appealing?

First, if autograph online, use page margins. Don’t let your archetype ample the accomplished screen.

White amplitude is attractive. It makes things simple to attending at. And you’ll get added readership.

Second, afresh if autograph online, use abbreviate paragraphs. 1-3 sentences. Like this one.

And the third affair you can do?

Use Sub-Headings


Couple of reasons.

The aboriginal is from a authentic “looks” stand-point. It helps actualize added white space. And it makes things easier to read.

However, there’s in fact addition acumen you wish to use sub-heads in your copy. And if you’re not already accomplishing so, this is gonna be a game-changer.


Good. You should be.

Anyway, a lot of humans will not in fact apprehend your archetype word-for-word. Instead, they brush it. They wish to get to the capital point to accomplish abiding your bulletin is accordant to them.

And that’s a problem.

Why? Because you wish your affairs to absorb every endure chat of your copy, in the aforementioned way a Monk would the Bible.

But abhorrence not, ye squire.

There is a way about this. And it’s area sub-heads appear into play.

See, you charge your sub-heads to sum up the adventure you are aggravating to acquaint the reader, because if humans brush through your copy, they’ll apprehend the sub-heads.

Then, if they like what they see, they’ll acceptable go aback and apprehend the accomplished thing.

Meaning you can get your accomplished sales bulletin beyond in all its glory.

But if your sub-heads don’t sum up your story, afresh your clairvoyant will not accept any absolute abstraction as to what you’re selling, how it works, and why he should buy it.

And they’ll just bang the “x” at the top of the page. Goodbye abeyant customer.

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